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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

Hien Luong bridge at the 17th parallel, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, 1955.

Truong Son trail (Ho Chi Minh trail) connecting the North and South during the anti-US war (1959-1975).

Ships from the famous 'No-Numbers' covert vessels unit of the Vietnam People's Navy. This secret fleet of transport ships played a vital wartime role, conveying weapons and other military supplies to the Southern front during the anti-US War.

President Ho Chi Minh conducting the national philharmonic orchestra and choir in a performance of the song 'Ket Doan' (Unity) at a celebration marking the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the 3rd Congress of the Labour Party of Vietnam at the Hanoi Botanical Gardens on the evening of 19 September 1960. (Photographer: Lam Hong Long, photojournalist of the Vietnam News Agency).

President Ho Chi Minh bailing flood water with farmers of Ta Thanh Oai village, (Dai Thanh commune, Thanh Tri district, Ha Tay province, 12 January 1958.

A Hanoi kindergarten's bomb shelter in Tho Nhuom street, Hanoi, 1968.

President Ho Chi Minh visiting an artillery unit protecting the national capital Hanoi, 1966.

People of Chu Chi commune, Sai Gon city in the Uprising campaign, 1960.

Heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi before being publicly executed by a firing squad in central Sai Gon, 15 October 1964.

A girl in Ngoc Ha flower village, Hanoi, watering plants near the American aircraft shot down by a Hanoi artillery unit in December, 1972. (The Dien Bien Phu of the Air victory in Hanoi totally destroyed the invasion conspiracy of the American Imperialists. The Paris Peace Accords, to establish peace in Vietnam and recognize Vietnamese sovereignty, had just been signed.)

Signing ceremony of the Paris Peace Accords (the 'Agreement Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam'), 27 January 1973.

Tank of the Vietnam Liberation Army entering the grounds of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Vietnam in Saigon, at 11:30 a.m., 30 April 1975.

People of the national capital Hanoi celebrating Vietnam's great victory, 15 May 1975.