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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

This is a long historical period, including several dynasties: Early Le (1428-1527), Mac (1527-1592), and Restored Le (1533-1788). In the period of Early Le dynasty, policies were enacted in a timely way, responding to the needs of people, which brought the country to a new level of development. Important changes took place in administrative reform, military organization, the legal system, the encouragement of the development of the Confucian education system, the creation of art and literature, the recovery of labor, production, and economic development. In particular commercial and foreign trade created favorable conditions for major port cities to be established, such as Thang Long – Ke Cho, Pho Hien and Hoi An, making Vietnam one of the powerful states of Southeast Asia in this period.

Collection of ceramics from an ancient shipwreck near Cu Lao Cham Island, 15th century AD.

Set of ritual paintings, paper, Restored Le dynasty, 17th - 18th centuries AD.,

Collection of bronze artefacts, 15th – 18th centuries AD

Collection of Phu Lang (Bac Ninh province) and Tho Ha (Bac Giang province), 17th – 18th centuries AD

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