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Vietnam National Museum of History

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Author: Kyushu National Museum. Publishers: TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd; THE NISHINIPPON SHIMBUN CO., LTD. Translators: Abe Yuriko, Maiko Behr, Pham Le Huy. Size: 23x30 (cm); Quantity: 275 (pages)

“As the sun rises and you hear the warm salt breeze at the window, you find yourself in Vietnam, at the eastern tip of the Indochina Peninsula, and you wonder – from whence did their ancestors come, these people who inhabit this thin strip of land extending lengthwise north and south?”.

The year 2013 marks the major juncture of forty years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. Also, it is the fifth anniversary of the friendship agreement between Fukuoka Prefecture and the city of Hanoi. Moreover it is the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Kyushu – Vietnam Friendship Association. In commemoration of the anniversaries, the Kyushu National Museum is pleased to present the first ever special exhibition in Japan to deal directly with Vietnamese culture.

Since the opening of the Kyushu National Museum, Vietnamese culture has been featured in a major way in cultural exchange exhibits (permanent galleries) and various other kinds of cultural exchange have been continously conducted, including publishing a picture book about Vietnam. Also, the museum formally established cooperative ties with the Vietnam National Museum of History by entering into a scholarly cultural exchange agreement. The current “The Great Story of Vietnam” has grown out of the accumulation of such layers of exchange. In the publication, many photos of artifacts from Vietnam and Japan are featured lively with captions in two languages Japanese and English. The book is a great picture that depicts the origin of Vietnam from Dong Son Culture to the modern day by artifacts. “The Great Story of Vietnam” includes following contents:

Introduction: The Beginning of the Great Story

Chapter 1: Millennial City, Hanoi – The Dancing Dragon in the Sky

Chapter 2: A Voyage pursuing Dreams

Chapter 3: Vietnamese Beauty

Readers can find the book at the Library of The Vietnam National Museum of History (No. 25 Tong Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi). It is our pleasure to inform readers!

Mai An

Viet Nam National Museum of History