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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

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Author: Nguyen Cuong; Publisher: Cultural nation; Size: 16cm x 24cm; Quantities: 315p.; Year: 2008.

Although Mai Pha culture only was found in Lang Son it is an important culture at l border northeastern mountain of our country. It followed Bac Son culture before and close relationship with the contemporaneous culture as Phung Nguyen culture and Ha Long culture, one of the sources of ancient Vietnamese culture created later. The first vestiges of cultures Mai Pha was the French archaeologist and M.Colani as H.Mansuy discovered and published. But the isolation of a particular culture - the Mai Pha culture merits of archaeologists Vietnam, including Nguyen Cuong. .

The author has explored and drawn from 32 neolithic sites - the early metal in Lang Son are 12 locations with the basic characteristics of stable relics and artifacts to isolate a culture survey unique neck - Pha Mai culture. He also went deep three mobile operators only material excavated Pha Mai , to the point and right Guard 2 , taking Mai Pha -focused to analyze matches mining sites have been investigated reconnaissance. Since then determine the locations of Pha Mai culture make comments on specific, dating, origin of all human culture Pha Mai , and Mai Pha placed in culture Neolithic context in South mountainous Lang Son and other contemporaneous cultures in northern Vietnam.

"Mai Pha Culture" is the first collection, classification, see description for full disclosure and documentation of monuments and relics in the late Neolithic sites - on the early earth metals Lang Son. The work described was characterized site distribution, cultural superstructure, characterized relics, is the most beautiful ceramic motifs of Mai Pha culture helps to identify this culture objectively in Lang Son better . The author has identified the origin of the group Mai Pha cultural relics Neolithic phase in Lang Son Mai Tien , opening up the possibility of looking for a bridge to Bac Son culture from Pha Mai Lang Son on earth. .

The book consists of four main contents:

Part I. About the history of Lang Son and Mai Pha culture.

Part II. The basic characteristic of Mai Pha culture.

Part III. Date of Mai Pha culture, backgrounds and life of all resident.

Part IV. Mai Pha culture in the context of history of Lang Son, Vietnam and the region.

Trang Nhung

Bảo tàng Lịch sử Quốc gia.