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Vietnam National Museum of History

07/10/2013 10:43 2858
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Author: Many authors; Publisher: Hanoi; Size: 29,5 cm x 22,5 cm; Quantities: 263 pages; Year: 2013.

“Come and go on a regular basis” , two year one time , the conference of Asian national museum association (ANMA) will be held . In 2013 Vietnam became the host nation of conference , will be celebrated on October, 8th, 2013 in Hanoi .

To servise for conference, The Vietnam National Museum of History published “Proceedings of the Conference of Asian national museum association” gathers articles of representatives of museum from countries attending the conference . The book collects 44 articles 16 countries ( Vietnam , China , Japan , Korea , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia , Cambodia , Sralanka , Nepal , Laos , India , Philippines ), in which Vietnam has the most number articles ( 7 items ) . The main content of book is articles introducing countries , the National Museums which participate in the 4th conference of Asian national museum association ( ANMA 4 ) . Besides, the articles of other countries also mentions issues such as the educational role of museum , museum with preservation and promotion of cultural heritage , social museum ... the countries also mentioned .

In the role as chairman of the 4th Conference of Asia national museum association, the Vietnam National Museum of History has gived the theme "Museum contributes to change sociality", based on "defination "of International Council of Museums (ICOM):" Museum (memories + creativity) = social change ". From that topic, the official speechs of national museum (members of ANMA) wants to convey to public three basiccontent: Museum contributed to change the awareness about conservation and promotion of cultural heritage; Museum with heritage tourism and educational role of museum.

We can say "ANMA - Proceedings of the 4th conference of Asian National Museum association October, 8th, 2013 " is a useful book for those who want more information about nations and National Museum of the countries in the Asian National Museum association In particular , through this book we can learn from experiences of making museum of countries in Asian National Museum association.

Thu Nhuần – Trang Nhung

Viet Nam National Museum of History