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Vietnam National Museum of History

15/07/2013 16:00 2224
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Author: PhD. Nguyen Khac Su; Publisher: Social Science; Size:16mx24 cm; Quantities: 462 p.; Year: 2013.

Human history has been started million years ago. Paleolithic age is the earliest the longest period in the history of mankind. In this era, people lived in the primitive commune, no class, no writing, no state, researchers call prehistory. Prehistory with paleolithic period researched culture and man in space and time, within the context of human geography, in condition of specific economy and society, contributed to clarify rope contact between culture and environment, between man and society, between past and present, and suggested thinkinging in the future.

"The paleolithic archaeology in Northern Vietnam" researchs to clarify the overall value of paleolithic age in Northern Vietnam, determines specificity, nature and chronology, the developed stage, appearance schedule outlined history-culture era with a comprehensive presentation of environmental issues, climate, employers of cultures and method of hunting, gathering and social structure of community. The work provides readers with valuable material about the prehistory of Vietnam, especially paleolithic stage, ancient history of people.

The book consists of five main contents:

Part I. Overview document of paleolithic era in Northern Vietnam

Part II. Character, chronology of the ancient relic, palaeobiology in paleolithic era in Northern Vietnam.
Part III. Character, chronology of cultural relic in paleolithic era in Northern Vietnam Vietnam.

Part IV. Outlining physiognomy of culture in paleolithic era in Northern Vietnam.

Part V. Historic value of paleolithic era in Northern Vietnam.

The library of Vietnam National Museum of History (no.25 Tong Dan – Hoan Kiem district- Ha Noi) would like to introduce all readers!

Trang Nhung

Viet Nam National Museum of History