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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

03/04/2013 11:06 1850
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Author: Many authors; Publisher: Culture and Information; Size: 24.5cmx25.5 cm; Quantities: 203 p.; Year: 2012

Quang Tri Citadel was built in the time of Gia Long King, to the reign of Minh Mang King in 1872 , it was repaired and built of brick, stone village is located on the territory of two breast Co Thach Han. Member has 4 port 4 sides and 4 solid fortress was built around the 4 corners.

March, 1972, military and peple liberated Quang Tri .To May 1972, the Saigon army, with the strong support of the U.S Opened campaign to retake Quang Tri in order to take advantages of negotiation in Paris agreement.

With all the most devastating of all wars covered the land area of less than 2km2 Quang Tri Citadel, a fierce battle to keep land despite of dangerous sacrifice. Here, the land and the people were standed bombs from the 7th Fleet carriers, B52, laser bombs ..... equivalent to eight atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.

Campaign in No. 9 street southern Laos come into the nation's history. My Army wiped out many elite Brigade of the Saigon army, the first step of clearing the Vietnamization of the war plans of the U.S. government, stop the enemy plot divided corridor north logistics support for the Southern battlefields. Finally the entire enemy retreated after leaving countless prisoners of war, tens of thousands of tons of military equipment and weapon.

“Memory of Eighty-one days and nights at Quang Tri Citadel and review red- fire summer battle on No. 9 street Southern Laos” "is a photo book which collects of photographs of war reporters two sides and Japanese free reporter. They were selected carefully. The book will convey to the reader some pictures of winner No 9 street -Southern Laos in 1971 and the 81 day war Quang Tri Citadel in 1972, the image of the heroic moments of Uncle Ho's soldiers fought for toxic, unity, peace for Vietnam.

The library of Vietnam National Museum of History (25 Tong Dan - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi) would like to introduce all readers!

Trang Nhung