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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

30/01/2013 16:41 1959
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Author: Louis Frédéric; Publisher: Art; Size: 13.5cmx21cm; Quantites: 443 p.; Year: 2005.

From the earliest years of the AD, Buddhism was through the mountains, over the sea to develop the commercial route to enter the country in Southeast Asia, through the desert of Central Asia into Persia and China.

While spreading along with passing time, Buddhism developed and adapted to new cultures and eras. At the beginning of the first century AD or slightly earlier, Buddhism with Buddha image has gone through the development process: from merely a philosophy of human in order to help people live harmoniously, gradually it transformed into a system of religious doctrine.

"Buddhistic painting and statue" summarizes the history of Buddhism and the evolution of the sysbol of Buddhistic art in all countries involving. The work describes the special attribute of different objects, such as standing, sitting or manner of hands ..... helps us identify the exact subject of the Buddhist symbols education in India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia

The book consists of the following main contents:

Part I.Evolution of Buddhistic symbol

Part II. Art of paintings and statues

Part III. Buddha and Buddhism

Part IV. Five Jinas and Adi Buddha

Part V. The Bodhisattva saves from misfortune, save somebody from danger.

Part VI. The goddess

Part VII. The genii protects Buddha

The library of the Vietnam National Museum of History would like to introduce all readers.

Trang Nhung