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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

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Author: Hoang Xuan Chinh; Publisher: Hong Duc ; Size: 14.5x20, 5cm; Quantity: 238 p.; Year: 2011

Vietnam is a nation producing ceramic early and ceramic has a strong companion and development in the process of national history.

At first glance, the pottery is normal, but not human when it first formed is known to use pottery. There has been a long time we live in there is no pottery. Pottery was born is a great creation of man, to go through millions of years of hard work later discovered. It is the result of soil plus water, fire and human intelligence

Over the past few thousand years, Vietnamese ceramics processes sometimes thriving, sometimes difficult, at this place development, development time and there depending on the socio-economic situation of each region. But in general, Vietnamese ceramics is a development process from rough to fine ceramic pottery, unglazed pottery enamelled, from household pottery, decorative ceramics, architecture…

"Vietnamese ceramic process" introduces readers all the basic knowledge of Vietnamese ceramics from the materials, styles and decorations ... from the birth of pottery in our country for the first half of the20th century. The book consists of the following main contents:

Part I. The introduction of ceramic - great invention and improvement of human

Part II. Prehistoric ceramic and protohistory its in the Northern and North Central

Part III. Prehistoric ceramic and protohistoric ceramic the South Central region

Part IV. Prehistoric ceramic and protohistoric ceramic and the South East

Part V. Ceramics 10th centuries AD

Part VI. Ly Tran ceramic

Part VII. Le – Nguyen ceramic

Part VIII. Cham ceramic

Part IX. Cay Mai, Bien Hoa, Lai Thieu ceramic

Part X. Mong Cai Porcelain and Traditional ceramic Vietnam

The library of the Vietnam National Museum of History would like to introduce all readers.

Trang Nhung