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Vietnam National Museum of History

07/01/2013 10:56 1948
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Author: Nguyen Van Minh; Publisher: Social Sciences Publishing House; Quantities: 471 pages; Size: 15x21 cm; Year: 2009.

The country of Vietnam with more than 54 ethnic groups living spread over all parts of the country. The western of the Annamite Mountains, there exists an ethnic group with a population of less.They are people about, the little-known residents. However, for the ethnographer, research and field trips to reach their spiritual life has great appeal. We can see this in his appeal: "Religion and belief of Ve people in Vietnam" by Nguyen Van Minh.

Ve people are ethnic minority, less well known. They live mainly in the mountain areas of . Author has won the heart of research and introduced a fairly comprehensive way, true of all aspects Ve's life and especially the spiritual, religious beliefs, their customs, combined analysis of expanding the relationship with other ethnic groups in the area.

The book consists of the following main contents:

Chapter I: Some basic problems of religion and belief.

The book was developed from research thesis, so the contents of the first chapter provides a theoretical basis, and provides the necessary concepts related to religion and belief

Chapter II: Background of studying area.

Information on: characteristics of the population, area of residence, economic ...

Chapter III: The form of religion and belief of Ve people

The religious form of Ve people, contact our growth in the region of Vietnam and the world.

Chapter IV: Ritual and practice of Ve people.

Introduction and analysis activities ritual practices are practicing in Ve community: Feast buffalo, god said.

Learn about ethnic culture seems to be a pleasant experience for anyone interested in the culture of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. As the book said, ethnic community is little known, they live closedly, less socializing with society, perhaps the position of cultural identity has been preserved relatively intact. Today, under the impact of the change of environment and society, people still follow the traditional rituals, but they have greater simplicity. When the external religion not penetrate their life, spiritual life seems not much has changed. Book: "Religion and belief of Ve people in Vietnam by Nguyen Van Minh, is a useful document for enthusiasts of traditional cultural studies people. Hopefully this book will help you read the more interesting knowledge about a little known ethnic group in Vietnam.

The library of the Vietnam National Museum of History would like to introduce all readers!

Author: Trần Thị Phương Thảo

Translator: Phạm Trang Nhung