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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

21/12/2012 22:06 2257
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Author: Nguyen Van Ku - Ngo Van Doanh - Andrew Hardy. Research Institute of South East Asia and Far East Institute Antique French. Publisher: The World; 2005. Quantity: 407 pages. Illustrations: photos. Size 21.5 x 28cm

The Cham and Cham culture and history has been been interested by world from the nineteenth century. Champa culture, the art of Champa had been pecially attracted by researchers and collectors. To help people learn, access and aesthetic thinking of the Cham people-one of the unique ethnic people in Vietnamese ethnic community, photo book: " Peregrinations into Chăm culture " of the author : Nguyen Van Kự, Ngo Van Doanh, Andrew Hardy has been published.

Towards audiences, photo book includes three language:English, Vietnamese, French, with extensive information and pictures.The main content of the book is: "Chăm culture: Herritage and People In which the author has focused on clarifying the detail:

1 - The ancient Cham:

The sculptures of gods, humans are in the work: prayer, music, dance, enjoy theater ... It can be seen as the embodiment of the ancient Cham

2 - Old Tower

The ancient Cham tower introduced in the direction of sightseeing and historical process. Combine maps and diagrams made ​​by scholars ...

3 - Ancient sculpture

Traditional unique sculpture of the Cham people from over 1000 years ago: mix exotic elements with style separate Cham ...

4 – Ancient Citadel

The ancient Chăm kingdom was a federation city-state with a unique fortification architecture

5 – Ancient Steles

The ancient steles (written in stone) has a history of thousands of years old Cham ..

6- The Cham today

Photos Cham community residents today in South Vietnam ..

Through the images and information in this book, scientists have provided a basic corpus of the Cham cultural awareness, brings “spirit of champa "to readers. Reading the book “Peregrinations into Chăm culture " will help you to experience the a world vibrant culture, unique and long life.

The library of the Vietnam National Museum of History would like to introduce all readers!

Author: Phương Thảo

Translator: Trang Nhung