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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

19/09/2012 16:49 2436
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Author: Le Xuan Diem; Dao Linh Con; Vo Si Khai; Publisher: Social sciences publishing House; Size: 25x24cm; Quantity: 472 pages; Year: 1995

Oc Eo Culture is a cultural problem - big science, associated with land and people in the plain - The MeKong delta. It also deal with the history of Accient Southeast Asian .

For over a century, many Western scientists have explored the Phu Nam - a "accient kingdom" recorded specifically in China ancient bibliography, carved into "Inscription" on stele, on the altar ..., in the architecture of ancient people in the Mekong delta. In particular, in the early 40s of the twentieth century, important find of archaeology about "port city" Oc Eo, Oc Eo cultural relics in the The Hau western Delta has led to many documents, exhibits and new knowledge relating to ancient history in this region

The book "Oc Eo Culture recent discoveries,” collects scientific document introducing historical discovery and excavation; relics, finally Oc Eo culture date. Besides, the publication also has a large number of maps and drawings of relic, artifacts, photos, statistics illustrating lists o help readers study and approach to Oc Eo - Phu Nam culture in wide and deep respect.

Library of Viet Nam National Museum of history is pleased to introduce readers!

Trang Nhung