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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

19/09/2012 16:47 2430
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Author: Nguyen Cong Binh, Le Xuan Diem, Mac Duong; Publisher: Social Science publishing; Size: 15.5cmx23.5cm; Quantity: 447 pages.; Year: 1990.

Cuu Long Delta is a various natural region, a fertile plain, the largest delta in Vietnam. In the past, the opening social space of this area attracted many people go there to settlle. It has been a region converging much East-West culture.

Today, the land is carrying the image of a "world in miniature”, as well as a full Vietnam. For a long time,The typical character of Southern human and culture formed a special culture and unique life of people.

Publication: “Culture and population in Cuu Long delta" collects document, thesis about the Mekong River Delta to provide the reader with some awareness, new understanding of culture, people of a vast plain- an important position in Vietnam.

The book consists of three main contents:

Part I. Introducing to culture and residents of Mekong Delta from first peole settlling and building the culture of Dong Nai to VII-VIII century AD, was marked by the high development of Oc Eo culture - the material culture of Phu Nam-Chan Lap .

Part II. The picture of material and spirit life of the people settling down, living together make special culture.

Part III. A panorama of the unique aspects of life of the inhabitants in Southern Part.

The Library of Vietnam National Museum History would like to introduce to all readers!

Trang Nhung