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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

17/08/2016 00:45 3383
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The Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH) preserves a Japanese collection of 72 objects which were made of organic materials. According to records, those objects were collected by the Louis Finot Museum from exchanging with the Japanese Royal Museum, dating estimated in Edo period (1603-1868) and Meiji period (1868-1912).

The collection includes the following objects:

- 51 wooden objects: statue, tray, mask, flute, worshipping items, calligraphic items, pot, dressing table, bead, container, hairpin, box, comb, plate.

- 17 paper objects: lady paintings, landscape paintings.

- 03 silk landscape paintings.

- 01 ivory statue.

Here is some information about this collection:

03 lacquered boxes, size 22,5cm x 20,5cm x 4cm. Flower, tree, houses and bird decoration.

Gunbai (war fan), wood, 48cm length. Butterfly shape and with guitar-shape container.

Lacquered container (basin), 15cm x 25,5cm. With two handles, base, blossom and bamboo patterns.

Flute in a lacquered box. Formed of 16 bamboo pipes.

04 sake cups, lacquered wooden, size 8,5cm - 10,5cm. Red color, Biwa and Mikami landscape painting, duck, pine tree and blossom tree.

Lacquered comb, size 10cm, duck decoration.

Lacquered box, 3cm x 8cm x 8cm, flora decoration.

05 cases (Inro), 5,5cm - 9,2cm, with drawers; mountain, lake, tree decoration, attached with Netzuke statue.

Hair-pin, 19cm, bird and flower decoration.

03 wooden trays, 24,5cm x 21,5cm - 37cm x 37cm.

15 worshipping wooden items of the Ainu minority group, size 30cm - 36cm.

Ko-omoto, Noh mask, wood, size 21,5cm, young lady's face.

Kentoku mask, wood, size 19cm, clown's face, round eyes, wrinkled forehead.

A wooden woman's face mask, 14cm, white painting, with a scarf rounded on her head.

Noh wooden mask, size 20,5cm, showing a jealousy woman, with two horns.

Buaku mask, size 21cm, showing a noisy man.

02 silver pots inside wooden, lacquered house model, size 36,5cm.

Shelf with 2 partitions, wooden lacquered, size 26cm, landscape decoration.

Food container, size 30cm, human and landscape decoration.

Case, wooden lacquered, pearl inlaid, size 41cm x 57cm x 53,5cm, rectangular shape, 6 legs, pearl inlaid and golden paintings.

Buddha statue standing on wooden gold- plated pedestal, 196cm height.

Buddha statue standing on wooden gold- plated pedestal, 117 height.

Buddha statue standing on wooden gold- plated pedestal, inside an altar, 95cm height, with 2 small statues at 67cm height standing on two sides.

Buddha statue standing on wooden gold- plated pedestal, 192cm height.

Ivory statue block, size 15cm x 30,5cm, in shape of a fishing man and a little boy holding a cock.

A paper painting, size 51cm x 116cm, picture of a Buddha in meditation, black and white.

A painting of Bodhidharma, sitting on a lotus leaf in the river, 43cm x 79cm.

A silk painting of a lady doing calligraphy, size 40cm x 40cm.

A paper painting of spring, size 52cm x 38cm

A paper painting of a festival day in KamaKura, 37cm x 72cm.

And some other paintings of seasons, lady and festivals, dating back 18th-19th century.

Quynh Hoa

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