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14/07/2015 18:53 1800
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The Ministry of Culture is increasing protection of archaeological sites in Trujillo.


Ministry of Culture finishes recuperation of archaeological complex



Archaeological site Santo Domingo in Trujillo. (Photo: Andina/Difusión)


“Today we are doing, more than anything a cleansing, of which an extrajudicial intervention has already been done on May 20, we’ve come to find that they have again invaded. So we will put greater emphasis on protection, in the security zone,” said prosecutor Javier Paredes.

During the clean up, the activity of invaders was evident. The site was being used to cultivate crops and for settlements. Prior to the clean up, the invaders withdrew their belongings peacefully.

“Our obligation is to exercise the powers laid down by law. In that sense our duty to persevere is in legal actions, which we will exercise as many times as necessary,” said director of DDCLL Maria Elena Cordova Burga.