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Vietnam National Museum of History

25/04/2016 00:41 1946
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HÀ NỘI – Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam has assigned local authorities of An Giang Province the task of making a master plan for the special national relic archaeological site Óc Eo-Ba Thê.
Dig deeper: The special national relic archaeological site Óc Eo-Ba Thê is located in Óc Eo Town in Thoại Sơn District in the southern province of An Giang. — Photo

Đam has asked for more details on the renovation project to turn the site into a tourism destination.

He has also ordered the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to co-ordinate with the concerned agencies to assess the plan before submitting it to the Government for approval.

The site is located in Óc Eo Town in Thoại Sơn District in the southern province of An Giang, with a total preservation area of more than 433ha.

The Óc Eo civilisation existed in the southern plains of Việt Nam in the 10th century AD. In 1937, French archaeologist Louis Malleret examined and researched some areas in Ba Thê and found traces of a portal city with an ancient water canal system.

Upon its discovery in 1942, Malleret decided to name the site Óc Eo after a nearby hill. Since then, many sites in the same district have also been excavated, including Giồng Cát, Giồng Xoài, Gò Cây Thị and Gò Da.

Traces of the Óc Eo culture, such as antiques, religious objects, and architectural remnants, have also been found in the Tri Tôn and Tịnh Biên districts.

Due to its immense historic, cultural and scientific value, the site was listed as a National Relic Site on September 27, 2012. — VNS



Traces of Paleolithic age in VN

  • 12/04/2016 00:52
  • 1958

HÀ NỘI — Archeologists announced that prehistoric people living in Việt Nam knew how to use hand-axes 700-800 thousand years ago. The remarks were made during a presentation of the preliminary results of the archaeological study of An Khê Town in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai.