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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

25/09/2014 11:36 1953
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KHANH HOA (VNS) — Archaeologists yesterday made public numerous artefacts they had found during the latest excavation off the Truong Sa, Nam Yet, Phan Vinh and Son Ca islands in Khanh Hoa Province.

During the excavation in the province's Truong Sa District in June, archaeologists examined the whole area and opened a one-square-metre-wide excavation pit in Truong Sa island.

They found four pre-historic ceramic pieces, a piece of a ceramic bowl belonging to the Tran dynasty, two white pottery pieces inscribed with deep-blue patterns of the Le dynasty and various glazed terracotta pieces of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The objects unearthed during the excavation in Nam Yet and Son Ca islands include a number of glazed terracotta pieces of the 18th century.

Deputy head of the Viet Nam Institute of Archaeology Bui Van Liem, who was a member of the excavation team, said, "The finds continue to reinforce the conclusions made from previous excavations in 1993, 1994, and 1999.

"The results clearly are scientific proof of the marine activities of the prehistoric inhabitants as well as the Vietnamese people in the country's history. These materials contribute to affirming vividly and strongly the territorial sovereignty of the country over the land and waters of Viet Nam." — VNS