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Nguyen Huu Tien or real name Trương Xuân Trinh, who also called teacher Hoai or Hai Bac Ky, painted the national flag of Vietnam, was an outstanding communist soldier.

He was born on 3-3-1901 in Lung Xuyen village, Yen Bac commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province.

Martyr Nguyen Huu Tien (1901-1941)

Finished the primary education, he became a teacher in his hometown. In 1923-1926, he joined the patriotism movement and became member of Vietnam Youth Revolution Association in 1927. He was captured in 22-5-1931 in Hanoi and jailed in Nam Dinh and then to Con Dao prison. On 4/1935, he took an escape and worked in Hau Giang, then worked in printing service for the communist party in Sai Gon.

In 7/1940, the Southern Communist Party Unit gathered for a revolutionary draft, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai described some national flags in the world, the general secretary Nguyen Van Cu appointed Nguyen Huu Tien to paint a revolutionary flag for the upcoming movement.

Picture of Nguyen Huu Tien sitting to paint the flag (by Van Cao)

He painted a flag with red color backdrop and a golden star in the center, representing for red blood and yellow skin, and for the solidarity of social class (intellectual, farmer, worker, trader and soldier). This flag was firstly introduced in the daily newspaper Tien Len together with his poem with content of calling for solidarity to fight for the independence.

The flag was approved and appeared in the Southern Uprising on 23/11/1940.

The flag

Regretfully, he could not have seen the flag in the uprising due to he was arrested and shot on 26-8-1941 by French. However, his flag was chosen to be the national flag of Vietnam.

Memorial house of Nguyen Huu Tien in Duy Tien, Ha Nam province

In 1993, a house to memorize Nguyen Huu Tien was built in Duy Tien, Ha Nam province. The painting of Nguyen Huu Tien sitting to pain the flag is exhibiting in this house.

Le Khiem (compiled)

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Viet Nam National Museum of History



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