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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

  • 29/04/2016 01:07

Hung Kings death anniversary traces the nation’s origin

(VOVworld)- The death anniversary of the Hung Kings, the founders of the Vietnamese nation, is of great significance for every Vietnamese. There is a saying: “Wherever you go, remember the death anniversary of the Hung Kings on the 10th day of the third lunar month”. The Hung Kings Temple in Phu Tho province is where people go to worship the founders of Vietnam. VOV’s Dang Hanh reports.

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  • 12/04/2016 00:56

Chu Dau pottery revival

(VOVworld)- The 500-year-old pottery village of Chu Dau in Hai Duong province is reviving, as a popular tourist destination.

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  • 11/04/2016 00:36

Betel, areca culture of Vietnam’s southern region

(VOVworld)- In Vietnam, the custom of chewing betel and areca nuts dates back to the reign of the Hung Kings and has spread nationwide. In the southern region, the custom has its own character, reflecting local life and culture.

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Earthen bricks in the Ly-Tran dynasty preserved in the Vietnam National Museum of History
  • 19/03/2016 05:00

Earthen bricks in the Ly-Tran dynasty preserved in the Vietnam National Museum of History

Nowadays, we can not see any architectural relic of the Ly-Tran dynasty remaining in the original form in Vietnam so far. However, there still exist the earthen bricks which are recognized as the construction material of the Ly-Tran dynasty. Those bricks were found in the archaeological excavations and/or preserved by museums and collectors.

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Nha Nhac - Hue Royal Court Music
  • 28/02/2016 19:37

Nha Nhac - Hue Royal Court Music

Nha Nhac meaning “elegant music” refers to a broad range of musical and dance styles performed at the Vietnamese royal court from the fifteenth to the mid-twentieth century. Nha Nhac was generally featured at the opening and closing of ceremonies associated with anniversaries, celebrations, religious holidays, coronations, funerals and official receptions.

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  • 21/02/2016 22:03

Neu - Tet bamboo pole

(VOVworld) - Vietnamese people have a custom of erecting a bamboo pole, known as a Neu tree, in front of their house on the last day of the lunar year to expel evils, worship deities and pray for good luck for the New Year. They remove it on the 7th day of the New Year to say farewell to their ancestors in heaven.

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  • 21/02/2016 22:02

Tet customs in Vietnam

(VOVworld) – Tet, the first festival in a lunar year, is of great importance to the Vietnamese and people in some other Asian countries. Generally, the first day of Tet is for family reunions and worshipping ancestors but people in different places have different ways of celebrating Tet.

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  • 02/02/2016 23:50

Typical architecture of Khmer pagodas

(VOVworld) – People who visit Khmer villages in the Mekong Delta are impressed by the high towers and curved roofs surrounded by palm trees of the pagodas. The 600 Khmer pagodas in the Mekong Delta constitute a unique cultural space of Vietnam’s southern region.

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  • 02/02/2016 23:49

Culture contributes to safeguarding national sovereignty

(VOVworld)- Archaeological research has proved the Vietnamese people’s presence on Hoang Sa and Truong Sa for thousands of years ago. Cultural activities and traditions of the Vietnamese people have contributed to safeguarding national sovereignty.

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  • 17/01/2016 20:30

Vietnam’s cultural integration

(VOVworld)- Vietnam became a member of the ASEAN Community on December 31st, 2015. This creates a chance for Vietnam to further promote cultural integration and its cultural identity.

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