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Vietnam National Museum of History

12/02/2017 17:50 1895
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NDO—The Da Nang Fine Arts Museum was inaugurated and opened to the public on December 19 in Da Nang, becoming the third fine art museum across the country.


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The Da Nang Fine Arts Museum was established in late 2014 and its construction began in May 2015 on nearly 2,000 square metres at a cost of VND29 billion (US$1.26 million).

On the occasion of its opening, the museum received 33 valuable works from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

It currently accommodates 413 works of art, traditional handicraft products and winning pieces by artists from Da Nang and the central and Central Highlands regions since 1976.

Visitors can also admire fabric patterns, ethnic minority costumes, pagoda and temple sculptures, wooden handicrafts, masks used for classical drama and pottery.

Vietnam’s two other fine arts museums are in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.