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Vietnam National Museum of History

12/02/2017 17:36 1662
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(VOVworld) – The ongoing exhibit “An Epic of the Winter of 1946” at the Vietnam Military History Museum provides a vivid and accurate view of the Vietnamese army and people’s historic national resistance in 1946. The event is attracting crowds of people, including many veteran revolutionary soldiers.
historical objects recall hanoi in the winter of 1946 hinh 0
Hang Dao and Cau Go Streets ready for fighting (Photo:

The exhibit’s photos, historical documents, and objects spotlight the glorious fighting spirit of the Vietnamese people and army during the initial days of the national resistance.

These items illustrate the dramatic 1946 call, urging the people of Vietnam to resist French colonial rule, and highlight the courage of patriots who were ready to die for the fatherland in the cause of the national liberation.

Nguyen Van Tap, an official of the Vietnam Military History Museum, says the exhibit documents Vietnam’s National Resistance Day by presenting an honest portrayal of the courageous fighting spirit of the revolutionary veterans. It is a hymn of gratitude to these revolutionary veterans who sacrificed their lives for national independence and freedom.

“On display are objects which have never been exhibited before – for example, badges of the capital’s suicide squad. The badges were used to recognize the members of the Capital Regiment when they retreated from inner Hanoi to the Viet Bac Revolutionary Base. The exhibits also include the rifle which shot down the French aircraft in Hang Gai Street and the Youth Union card of a soldier of the Capital Regiment named Trinh Bau,” said Tap.

The exhibit’s highlight is the display entitled “To die for the Fatherland”, featuring the house-to-house fighting by the residents and army of Hanoi where the revolution started.

historical objects recall hanoi in the winter of 1946 hinh 1
The materials on display (Photo:

The exhibit includes a picture of Lang fortress where the first shot was fired on December 19, 1946, opening the war of resistance; several of the 3-hook bombs the Capital Regiment soldiers used in the first days of the National Resistance War; badges worn by Capital Regiment soldiers to identify them as suicide squad members; and the letter President Ho Chi Minh sent to the Capital Regiment on New Year 1947.

Colonel Nguyen Trong Ham, former deputy chief of staff of the Capital High Command during 60 days and nights of fighting, said: “President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal inspired in all Vietnamese people the faith needed to join the army and rise up to fight for national liberation. One day after the appeal, on December 20, 1946, we made a raid on 21 enemy positions in Hanoi.”

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Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia and the army delegation to the exhibit. (Photo:

Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia, a member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Head of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army, said: “All the exhibited items and photos are original and precious. Looking at them, the younger generation can feel the significance, hardships, sacrifices, and undaunted spirit of the Vietnamese people and army in 1946, which opened a glorious struggle for national liberation.”