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Vietnam National Museum of History

23/05/2023 16:16 786
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On the occasion of the 133rd birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890-2023) and the International Museum Day (May 18th, 2023), the thematic exhibition titled "Bat Trang Ancient Ceramic" was launched at the Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH) on the morning of May 18th, 2022.

Participants of the opening ceremony included Mr. Hoang Dao Cuong - Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Nguyen Tuan Linh - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Prof. Dr. Luu Tran Tieu - Chairman of the National Council of Cultural Heritage; Prof. Dr. Pham Mai Hung - Vice President of Vietnam Association of Historical Science; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Quang Hai - Member of the National Council of Cultural Heritage; Mr. Philippe Le Failler - Representative of the French School of the Far East in Ha Noi; Dr. Nguyen Van Doan - Director of VNMN representatives of museums and news agencies in Hanoi.

Panorama of the opening ceremony
Delegates attending the opening ceremony 
Dr. Nguyen Van Doan - Director of VNMH giving a speech at the opening ceremony 
Delegates in ribbon cutting ceremony
Delegates visiting the exhibition
Visitors at the exhibition
The exhibition introduces a collection of 39 Bat Trang ceramic artifacts from the 14th to the 20th century with typical types for each development period. The exhibition consists of  four parts:
Part I: Introducing the history of Bat Trang’s formation
The name of Bat Trang commune first emerged in the 15th century and was metioned in the Nguyen Trai’s geography book (Dư địa chí): “Bat Trang village produces bowls and dishes”. The results of archaeological excavations at Kim Lan site (a nearby commune to the South of Bat Trang commune) provided numerous artifacts such as saggars, ring setters, clusters of fused ceramics, dozens of enamel shards and so on demonstrating the long history of Bat Trang village.
Part II: Bat Trang ceramics, 14th century
Introducing the typical artifacts of this period such as blue and white bowls, brown-patterned basins and jars, etc. 
Blue and white plates, 14th century
Brown-patterned jar, 14th century
Part III: Bat Trang ceramics, 15th-18th century
During this time, Vietnam's trade exchanges with various countries were expanding significantly. Many famous products were manufactured in Bat Trang village, including blue and white ceramics, carved and embossed ceramics, polychrome glazed and crackle-glazed wares, etc., that were used extensively for both domestic and international markets.
Blue and white incense burner, embossed with dragon and tiger reliefs
 Date: August 15, the ninth year of Canh Tri reign (1671)
A pair of crackle-glazed lampstands, embossed with the dragons and Four Spirits
Date: Hoang Dinh reign (1600 - 1618)
Crakle-glazed incense burner, decorated with dragon, Nghê (mythical animal), 18th century
Part IV: Bat Trang ceramics, 19th-20th century
As the elite's tastes shifted toward Chinese ceramics, motifs from outside the country began to emerge on Bat Trang ceramics during this time period, particularly themes based on Chinese tales such as 渔翁得利 "The fisherman takes advantage of the fight between the snipe and the clam", 苏武牧羊 Su Wu tending the sheep, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 八仙過 and Eight Immortals crossing the sea. The Bat Trang potters have, however, used their ingenuity to depict the themes using conventional methods in a unique way.
Blue-and-white crackle glazed jar, decorated with the theme of Longma (dragon horse)  - He tu (River Map) and Tortoise Luo shu (Luo Chart), 19th-20th century
Addressing the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Van Doan emphasized: “Bat Trang ceramics has been researched and collected by the museum for decades to form a valuable collection. This exhibition introduces to the public a collection of glazed ceramics that is rich in historical, cultural, and aesthetic value, thereby helping people to better understand and appreciate cultural heritage of Vietnam".
The exhibition will be opened to the public from May 18th, 2023 to September, 2023. 

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