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Vietnam National Museum of History

02/07/2018 14:58 1493
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On the morning of June 8, 2018, the VNMH in collaboration with the Museum of Vietnamese Literature held the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Literature and Arts during the Anti- French Resistance War (1945-1954)”. This is an activity to celebrate the 75 th anniversary of the "Outline of Vietnamese Culture" (1943-2018).

Panorama of opening ceremony

Attending the ceremony were Prof. Dr. Luu Tran Tieu - Chairman of the National Council of Cultural Heritage; Mr. Tran Chien Thang - Former Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Duong Trung Quoc - General Secretary of Vietnam Science and History Association; Asso.Prof Pham Mai Hung - Vice President of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association; Mr. Nguyen The Hung - Director of the Department of Heritage; Mr. Dang Thanh Tung - Director of Department of State Archives and Records; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh - Deputy Director of the Museum of Vietnamese Literature; Mr. Vu Cong Hoi - Director of Department of Culture and Arts, Central Propaganda Committee; Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong - Director of the VNMH with the leaders, former leaders of Units under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, representatives of coordinating units, collaborators, retirees and news agencies.

Dr.Nguyen Van Cuong giving speech at the opening ceremony

Cutting the opening band

Visiting the exhibition

In the 40s of the twentieth century, within the complicated situation of economy, culture and sociaty, the appearance of "Outline of Vietnamese culture" became a light for the development of revolutionary culture in the struggle for national independence.

Nearly 200 photos, artifacts, documents stored at the VNMH and the Museum of Vietnamese Literature are exhibited in two parts:

The 1st Part, Outline of Vietnamese Culture and Party's Cultural Direction: Introducing the contents and meaning of the "Outline of Vietnamese Culture" (1943), Comments and evaluations of scholars, cultural houses, artists; Some Party’s documents related to culture and art.

"Outline of Vietnamese culture" edited by Mr Truong Chinh, published full-text on Tien Phong Magazine, No. 1

Typical artifacts: The "Outline of Vietnamese culture" drafted by Truong Chinh and approved by the Indochinese Communist Party Central Committee's Standing Conference in February 1943 and published full-text on Tien Phong Magazine, No. 1- New Cultural Advocacy Agency of the Cultural Association for National Salvation on November 10, 1945; "The diary in Prison” in 1943 by President Ho Chi Minh which wrote his thoughts on building a new Vietnamese culture; Document of the 8th National Party Congress of the Party ...

Tien Phong Magazine, No. 1- New Cultural Advocacy Agency of the Cultural Association for National Salvation

National treasure- "The diary in Prison” of President Ho Chi Minh (texts about his thoughts on building a new Vietnamese culture)

The second part, Literature and Arts during the Anti- French Resistance War (1945-1954): "Outline of Vietnamese Culture" inspired creativity for journalists, writers and artists. They always followed the task of revolution, lively reflected real life, struggles of the army – people, timely encouraged the whole people, the whole army to increase the production, kill the enemies, build new cultural life.

Typical artifacts: Collection of souvenirs of artists; Collection of literary works of authors (Tu Mo, Te Hanh, Nguyen Dinh Thi ...); Collection of posters and songs during resistance period ...

Literary works during resistance period (1945-1954)

This exhibition helps the public to have a better understanding of the value of "Outline of Vietnamese Culture" through the dedication of the first class’ artists who received the contents and ideas of the Outline. Thereby, they recognize the obligations and responsibilities for building and developing the advanced Vietnamese culture deeply imbued with national identity in the new period.

This exhibition will be opened to the public for three months at No.216, Tran Quang Khai Street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi