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Vietnam National Museum of History

31/10/2014 15:25 2138
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Dong Son culture (dated to the seventh century BC to the first - second century AD) was a Metal Age archaeological culture in ancient Vietnam. It is named by archaeologists for the Dong Son village on the bank of Ma River, Thanh Hoa City where a number of bronze items were accidentally discovered in 1924.

Glass bracelet, unearthed at Bai Phoi Phoi, Ha Tinh province

Dao Thinh situla, unearthed at Van Chan, Yen Bai province, ranked in National Treasures

The remains of Dong Son culture are very numerous, diversified and unique, high quality and aesthetic. They are made of variant materials including iron, ceramic, stone, glass and wood... but almost in bronze. According to the purposes of usage, they were classified into different collections such as production tools, domestic wares, weapons, musical instruments, jewelries, works of art and miniatures. Those collections contributed to establish the characteristics of the great development of the Dong son civilization.

Bronze basin unearthed in Viet Khe boat coffin, Hai Phong City

Statue in shape of a man carrying another playing music, unearthed in Dong Son, Thanh Hoa province

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of discovery and research on Dong Son culture, the Vietnam National Museum of History has collaborated with local museums including the Hanoi Museum, the Hung Yen Museum, the Lao Cai Museum, the Nghe An Museum, the Yen Bai Museum and the Thanh Hoa Museum to organize a special exhibition called "Dong Son culture". This exhibition aims at presenting audiences the Dongsonian greatest collections and the values of history, culture and beauty hidden in those collections. Especially, some objects recognized as the Vietnamese National Treasures will be showcased on this occasion.

Mieu Mon bronze drum excavated at Chuong My, Hanoi

The exhibition will be opened on December 18, 2014 at the Special Gallery, Vietnam National Museum of History, 1 Trang Tien, Hanoi.

Nguyen Quoc Huu (Vice Manager of Exhibition Division)

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