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Vietnam National Museum of History

08/09/2014 16:14 1834
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In the morning of 6/9/2014, Minister Hoang Tuan Anh visited and had a meeting with the Management Board of VNMH Museum. He was accompanied by leaders of Department of Cultural Heritage, Department of Finance and Planning (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).

In the working plan, the Minister visited the museum's outdoor galleries and the preservation storages, including a very special store that keeps the rare and precious objects. The VNMH Museum's Director, Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong has reported the Minister the infrastructural status of the museum. The VNMH Museum buildings used to be home of EFFEO (1 Trang Tien, Hanoi) and Indochina Trade Department (216 Tran Quang Khai, Hanoi). Although it has been renovated for several times, the museum has been degraded, particularly the storages, exhibition system, gardens and technical facilities...

Minister Hoang Tuan Anh highly appreciated the museum's activities in the past few years and directed that: VNMH Museum should make analysis and planning and propose a project to renovate the museum; constructing the preservative methods for the outdoor objects that can be damaged by weather; installing the cameras to supervise the storages; promoting the collection works, exhibition, public and education and advertisement, connecting with private collections; speeding up the content of exhibition for the new building of VNMH Museum under construction and strengthening the specialized activities. He also suggested that VNMH Museum should consider its entrance fee by comparing that with other historical sites, then, adjust to reasonable level.

Concluding the meeting, the Minister expressed his pleasure at the achievements and successes gained by VNMH Museum, the VNMH Museum has fulfilled its missions and contributed to keep and promote the national cultural heritage values.

Some photographs of his visit to the VNMH Museum:

Director Nguyen Van Cuong guided Minister Hoang Tuan Anh at the Outdoor Galleries

Minister Hoang Tuan Anh and accompanied guests were reported on the conditions of preservation storages

Minister Hoang Tuan Anh visited the museum's facilities

Minister Hoang Tuan Anh and guests walked to the Meeting Room

Minister Hoang Tuan Anh discussed and directed the meeting, morning of Sep 6,2014

Thu Nhuần-Minh Vượng

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