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Vietnam National Museum of History

17/04/2014 15:07 1762
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A program of visiting museum, exchanging and leaning about Vietnamese history held for handicapped children was organized by VNMH and Hanoi Relief Association for handicapped children on 16/4/2014 to celebrate the Day for care and protection of Vietnamese handicapped (18/4).

The program lured 100 pupils from secondary schools for handicapped children in Hanoi including Xa Dan, Hy Vong, Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Hoa Binh Village. They are outstanding schoolchildren who got high records in learning.

With aims to help them learn about history in a convenient way, VNMH has build up the program suitable to such attendants.

Visiting museum for learning the progress of Vietnamese history: For the blind handicapped, the guilds focused on describing the objects and the related cultural historical values. They also could experience touching the objects for a better understanding. They were also assisted by 20 voluntary students from universities in Hanoi.

The experience game with a topic “Progress of history”: they could enjoy the game by listening to the hints to guess the objects. This was suitable to both blind and deaf children as conveyed to them by voice and projector.

The art performance of Xa Dan and Nguyen Dinh Chieu schoolchildren was also very fascinated and brought them fun.

Ending the program, the VNMH gave 100 gifts for the children (the donation was made by VNMH’s staff and museum service units).

Through this event, VNMH wishes to bring the care to the handicapped children, improving their understanding about history then building themselves the pride on the nation, raising confidence in life and overcoming the difficulties.

By Lê Vũ Hằng

EN: Tran Trang

Viet Nam National Museum of History



Treasures of the Red River. Archaeological Collections from the Museums of Vietnam.

Treasures of the Red River. Archaeological Collections from the Museums of Vietnam.

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From 18 May 2019, the exhibition “Treasures of the Red River. Archaeological Collections from the Museums of Vietnam” will be running in the Winter Palace’s Halls of the History of Ancient Writings. It is being timed to mark Ho Chi Minh’s birthday and the days of the city named in his honour.


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