Tuesday, 5/21/2024
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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History


As a leading museum, VNMH is responsible for preserving and promoting cultural legacies of the nation, including many treasures, numerous special and rare artifacts. Therefore, security is highly supported, invested and synchronized.

Security works focus on: developing the protection plans, organizing the patrol forces to ensure Museum’s security; elaborating the VNMH’s rule and regulation to prevent fire and explosion; supervising all kinds of supplies and property upon entering or leaving the museum; protecting materials, artifacts and other equipments of the exhibition system, storehouse; ensuring the safety of property of VNMH’s agencies and visitors; managing and using the equipments, camera systems; supervising the observance of VNMH's rules and regulations, detecting and proposing measures to handle violations; coordinating with local authorities, police offices at all levels and community-based organizations to protect the social security and order; monitoring the militia of self-defense, military service, the fire prevention and fighting.


Security check at the exhibition system No. 1, Trang Tien.