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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

Collection Management

The VNMH is currently keeping and preserving a valuable asset with nearly 200,000 objects. These are rich in type and material dating from the prehistory to the present. After 5 approval periods, there are 18 objects of VNMH that have been recognized as national treasures.

Typical collections are as follows:

- Paleolithic and Early Neolithic

- Late Neolithic and Metal Age

- Dong Son culture

- Ancient Vietnamese glazed ceramics

- Bronze items of the Lê - Nguyễn dynasties

- Set of gold book, seal and sword of the Nguyễn dynasty

- Champa stone sculpture

- Objects from ancient shipwrecks

- Revolutionary Newspapers of Vietnam prior to 1945

- August Revolution of 1945


Compiling scientific records of artifacts of New Stone Age


Compilation of scientific records of Nguyen Dynasty treasure for exhibition” Dragon fly - Vietnamese royal art”, on June 2014

In recent years, the Museum's storage system has been upgraded such as: improving stable environment for each kind of material; supplementing the equipment, cabinet, platform designed as the request of each type and material; equipping with system of air conditioning and dehumidifier, ventilation, fire alarm, alarm, reasonable light. In order to effectively manage and promote the national asset, the registration of artifacts has been carried out in a unified and scientific method. In particular, the Museum has applied information technology, digitizing and documenting the artifacts step by step. In general, artifacts stored and preserved at the VNMH have been inventoried, evaluated and classified scientifically.