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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

Research and Collecting Activities

Besides the Institute of Archaeology and the Vietnam National University, the VNMH is a major archaeological research center of the country. Over the years, the archaeological activities of the Museum have significantly contributed to the clarification of historical periods of Vietnam, especially the pre-Dong Son and Dong Son periods. Some discoveries are considered as important achievements that have been introduced into the archaeological curriculum at universities. The Museum’s collections have been enriched with many valuable artifacts collected through archaeological excavations. More recently, the archaeologists of the Museum have unearthed dozens of bronze drum casting moulds, helping to decode the origin and casting technique of the precious national item.


Champa temple relic (Cấm Mít, Đà Nẵng Province)

For a long time, the VNMH has been the only agency in the country carrying out underwater archaeological activity. Many shipwrecks have been excavated by the Museum’s experts in cooperation with domestic and international experts such as ancient shipwrecks of Hon Cau (Ba Ria-Vung Tau), Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam) Ca Mau, Binh Thuan, Hon Dam (Kien Giang), Binh Chau (Quang Ngai) and so on.


VNMH’s study tour on underwater cultural heritage in Korea on June 2013


Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, the VNMH’s Director giving speech at the conference on preliminary report of the results of the survey and excavation in Luy Lau ancient town (Bac Ninh province) on 30 December,2014


The VNMH receiving the collection of maps and documents donated by Dr. Mai Hồng in 2012


VNMH’s staff participating in seminar on restoring and preserving the artifacts after collecting on May, 2014

In parallel with the archaeological research activity, the collecting of documents and artifacts is also a great interest, especially pre-modern artifacts. Many rare and valuable collections have been supplemented to the storage and have effectively served the research, display, public education and communication activities. As a reliable address for the preservation and promotion of historical and cultural heritages, the VNMH is willing to receive documents and artifacts donated by organizations and individuals.

The VNMH also provides the professional guidance on archeological research and object collecting for provincial museums and other cultural organizations. Some of the Museum's experts are members of the National Council of Cultural Heritages, members of the Council of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.