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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History


Currently, the VNMH has 16 departments with 234 staff members and curators, including 4 PhDs, 44 Masters and dozens of PhD students and graduate students. With this human resources and facilities, the VNMH is a center for research and training in history and cultural studies.

The training and upgrading of qualifications for Museum's staff has always been appreciated. The Museum has sent many staff members to attend training courses at reputable research institutes and universities in Vietnam or in other countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium and so on. The VNMH regularly organizes training courses to improve professional skills of the staff.

The annual training courses on archeology, replication, restoration and preservation of artifacts organized by the VNMH have contributed to enhancing professional qualifications of museum staff throughout the country.


Training workshop on preservation of pottery and oil paintings by Belgian experts, in 2012


Training on communication skills for the VNMH’s staff

The museum's exhibitions, collection storage and library have become the second amphitheatre of many Vietnamese and international students and postgraduates. Some of the Museum's experts have lectured at institutes and universities, and have supervised bachelor, master and doctoral theses in various disciplines in the field of social science.


National Museum of Korea searching for the documents and photos at the VNMH’s library