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Vietnam National Museum of History

Researchs and publications

For the VNMH, the research activity plays an important role in effectively serving the professional functions and tasks of the museum.

Along with other research institutions in Vietnam, the research activity of VNMH has contributed to clarify many issues related to museology, history and culture of Vietnam.


Meeting on accepting the project at institute-level in 2013 at the VNMH


Scientific conference on reporting the results of archaeological research and excavation in 2012-2013, on 31 July, 2013


Scientific conference “Dong Son culture- 90 years of discovery and research (1924-2014)” on 18 November 2014

The results of the research activity are reflected in the publications. The Museum's publications are a reliable source of reference for readers interested in history, culture and museum studies. The research’s results were published in the form of:

- Proceedings of scientific seminars and conferences.

- Museum's Bulletin.

- Monographs.

- Publications of oversea exhibition in collaborating with foreign partners (China, Korea, Japan, France, America, Germany and so on).

In recent years, the majority of publications have been published and translated into English, French, Chinese, Korean, etc to help foreign readers accessing directly to the Museum’s research results. Many publications have won the Prize. The book "Bronze Drum of Vietnam - Historical and Artistic Values" awarded by the Vietnamese Book Award Committee of the Vietnam Publishing Association as the Bronze Award for Best Book; Gold Award for Beautiful Books in 2016. The book "Vietnam archaeological treasure" won the Third Prize - National Award for Foreign Information in 2016. The museum's publications have always been highly appreciated by both domestic and foreign readers.