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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

11/05/2018 00:47 3377
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The Revolutionary Road (Đường Kách mệnh) of our Nation’s Leader Nguyen Ai Quoc, published in Guangxi (China) in 1927

In 1925, while working underground in Guangxi (China), our nation's leader, Ho Chi Minh under the name Nguyen Ai Quoc, selected several young Vietnamese patriots for training as cadres to be sent back to our homeland for revolutionary activity. The original writings he produced for these instruction courses were published in 1927 by the Propaganda Unit of one of the major revolutionary organizations then working toward the goals of revolution and liberation, the League of Oppressed Peoples of Asia. Under the title “Road to Revolution” or “Revolution Road” (Đường Kách Mệnh), this key text in our national language (quoc ngu) was then secretly smuggled into Vietnam. This unique original edition of the book is 101 pages in length, 15cm x 22cm in size, and is printed in black ink on stencils. The text is a succinct and masterly introduction to the work of Communist Parties throughout the world, and a fundamental statement of the essentials of revolutionary theory and methods, focusing on organization and revolutionary institution-building. The book also stresses the ethical values which Vietnamese revolutionaries must exemplify in their life and work. This work is the key foundational text of modern Vietnamese political thought, and was central to the instruction and training of all the ideological and political organizations that played a key role in the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam, February 1930.