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  • Update: 4/ 5/ 2011 
    Useful information

    Vietnam NationalMuseum of History

    1 Trang Tien Street216 Tran Quang Khai Street,  Hanoi, Vietnam

    Tel: (84-4) 38241384 - 38257753

    Fax: (84-4) 38252853


    Finance Ministry of Vietnam promulgated circular letter on ticket fares for The Vietnam National Museum of History.

    The Vietnam National Museum of History would like to inform visitors the opening time and ticket fares from January 1st 2014 as follow:

    Opening Time:

    The Museum opens everyday (closed on every first monday of the month)

    Opening time: Morning:   8h00  to 12h00

                          Afternoon: 13h30 to 17h00

    Ticket price

    1. The ticket fares: 40,000VND per one for two addresses including:

    The first building is in No 1 Trang Tien Street (Prehistoric period to Nguyen dynasty, 1945)

    The second building is in 216 Tran Quang Khai Street (modern history (1858 to presentday)

    2. Student from college and university: 15,000VND per one (student card licensed by Education and Training Ministry of Vietnam)

    3. Pupil from School: 10,000VND per one (student card licensed by Education and Training Ministry of Vietnam)

    Under 6s free.

    4. 50 % discount for: old people, veterans and disabitity people. (confirmed card or certifiable)

    5. Free for special people such as: wounded soldiers, soldiers on the sick-list, revolutionary martyr families, shorthanded old people and people who deserved well of Vietnam country.

    6. All regulations which are different from this will be abrogated.

    Other services

    -   Contact with guides:

    + Tel: (84-4) 38241384

    + E-mail:

    -   Taking photos fee: 15.000 VND/camera

    -   Recording film fee:

    + Memory film: 30.000 VND/camera

    + Documental film: 400.000 VND/camera


    Visiting regulation

    1.     Buy tickets at the tickets office and show them at a table near the doorway.

    2.     Visitors in groups want to visit in day-off please contact with the Display and Communication Division.

    3.     For requesting guides, please meet permanent staff at the table near the doorway.

    4.     Visitors would like to take photos or record videos, please buy tickets at the tickets office.

    5.     If visitors have any questions and comments, please go to the special permanent table or write down on our comments note-book.

    6.     Things cannot bring into the exhibition hall: weapons, substance that can cause fire, toxic products. Please leave luggages at the permanent table (near the doorway) except money and jewelry.

    7.     Keep our visiting environment clean, no smoking, eating and making noise or touching the objects and display equipments. 



    Travel to the museum

    There are 3 bus ways to get to the museum, they are buses number 2, 3 and 4 with bus-stops close to the museum

    -         Buses number 2: Bac Co – Ba La: stop at bus-stops on Tran Khanh Du street or Trang Tien street. It’s about 5 minutes walk from the bus-stops to the museum.

    -         Buses number 3: Giap Bat – Gia Lam Bus-stops: stop at the end of Phan Chu Trinh street 50km from the museum (with buses start at Giap Bat bus-stop) or stop at Trang Tien bus-stop near the museum’s gate (with buses start at Gia Lam bus-stop).


    -         Buses number 4: Long Bien – Linh Nam: stop at bus-stop in Le Thanh Tong street (with buses start at Long Bien) 100m from the museum or stop at bus-stop inPhan Chu Trinh street (with buses start at Linh Nam).

    Hotels near the museum

     If you wish to view hotels near the museum please click here:

    HotelsNear Vietnam National Museum of History Hanoi.


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