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  • Câp nhật lúc: 8:23 PM GMT+7, Wednesday, 01/04/2017

    The over 500-year-old wells in Vinh Phuc Province

    In a project for investigating and planning for the conservation and promotion of historical relics in Ba Hien Commune (Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc), we heard a rumor of "Chinese" old wells.

  • Stone axes found in Da Nang

    DA NANG (VNS) — An archeological team from Viet Nam Archaeology Institute found five stone axes believed to come from the 3,000-year-old Sa Huynh Culture at a Khue Bac communal house garden in the central city.

  • Need to be saved the lacquered wood collection in Thanh Den grave
    The Editors: Thanh Den grave was excavated “extinguish fire” on October 10th 2009. There are many burial things in the grave, the wooden objects are the most interested: the coffin in boat shaped, the wooden outside covering of coffin and about 20 lacquered wood works what have cultural, historical values. Hai Phong Museum conserved initially, but still have many problems set up for conservation task, then the former lessons paid a heavy price. .
  • An important archaeological discovery in Hai Phong City
    That is Thanh Den ancient grave discovery, Lien Khe commune, Thuy Nguyen district, on October 10th 2009. Let’s us to overlook the descriptions that have quality of a science report, because, to displease on our colleagues’ toes at Hai Phong Museum, although, they gave us many informations about this grave
  • Archaeological research of the sector 85 Nguyen Chi Dieu, Hue
    Realizing the Decision n o 322/QD-BVHTT of the 7/2/2007 of the Ministry of Culture and Information and the requirement of the popular committee of Thua Thien-Hue, from 09 February to 06 April 2007, a group of archaeologists of the Museum of History of Vietnam
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