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  • Imperial treasure - Golden books of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945)

    Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945) produced a kind of written document which was made of gold, gold-plated silver, used for recording the royal and court rituals, for example: king enthronement, crown prince nomination and conferment of titles for queens and members of the royal family... The words in the books normally were spoken by the kings and edited by the mandarins, and the publishing was handled by the Ministry of Rituals.

  • Special exhibition "Mythical creatures of Vietnam"

    Vietnam has a rich collection of sacred animals, including those created by Vietnamese people and those adopted from external cultures. Sacred animals were considered embodiments of natural forces or possessed of supernatural abilities that allowed them to preside over humandkind and the universe.

  • Vietnam National Museum of History is going to launch the special exhibition "Lotus and antiquities"

    In the store of collections of Vietnam National Museum of History, the collection of objects with decorative subject of the lotus or in shape of the lotus takes a big quantity and at diversified forms. The lotus may be on pictures and paintings, statues, powerful symbols, ritual objects, worshipping objects, architectural materials or domestic usages. It was made or carved in various forms, types, different art styles and in many kinds of materials from stone, paper, fabric, wood to expensive materials of gold, silver, jade, ivory...

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