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    Vietnam National Treasure: Sảnh Môn Hạ Seal

    Sanh Mon Ha Seal is one of 30 representative museum pieces that have been recognized by the prime minister as national treasures in first review by the decision 1426/QĐTTgon October 1th 2012. The name of the seal sounds as pronunciation of 4 Chinese characters of seal style in the face of the seal.

  • Vietnam national treasure: Viet Khe boat tomb

    Boat tomb is one of featured burial forms of Dong Son culture. Boat tombs are being discovered in many Dong Son relics up to now, they thus give us precious evidences for studying features of this famous culture. One of most significant and early discovered boat tombs of Dong Son culture is Viet Khe boat tomb (tomb number 2 – M2).

  • Canh Thinh bronze drum – the echo from thousand years

    The Tay Son Dynasty (1778-1802) was associated with the name of the Vietnam national hero Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue, who had made glorious victories against foreign invaders, protecting the independence of the Vietnamese nation. After the victory of battle against Chinese Qing invaders in 1789, Quang Trung emperor focused on restoring the country, stabilizing the society and developing the national culture.

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