• The betel chewing utensils of the Nguyen royal family

    Betel nut chewing is a traditional and special custom in Asian culture. This custom is quite popular in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sumatra, Malacca and Taiwan...

  • Jade royal seals of the Nguyen dynasty

    The collection of the royal seals of the Nguyen dynasty belonged to the royal wares includes many types of materials such as gold, silver and jade... Those objects implicate important landmarks of the history of the Nguyen dynasty in particular and Vietnam in general.

  • Bronze bells in Le-Nguyen dynasty in the Vietnam National Museum of History

    The bronze bell is an important musical instrument in religious space of Vietnamese communities as pagodas or temples. So far, the oldest bronze bells are the bell of Thanh Mai pagoda (Hanoi) casted in 798, the bell of Nhat Tao temple (Hanoi) casted in 948 and Van Ban bell (Hai Phong - 13th-14th century).

  • More opinions about the results of the excavation in Luy Lau relic site in 2014

    The ancient Luy Lau relic site located in Thanh Khuong commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. It was one of the first and largest urban cities in northern Vietnam. It had the largest amount and diversified objects compared to other archaeological sites in the early centuries A.D. Luy Lau was not only the center for politics and economy of the nation but also for culture and religion, especially Buddhism. Thus, studying on Luy Lau is very important for studying Vietnamese history in the first 10 centuries A.D as it helps to reveal about a critical history period that so-called "a period for preparing the conditions for the establishment and development of the later glorious Dai Viet civilization".

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