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    2017-2018 World Heritage Map Published

    The latest version of the World Heritage map, produced by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and National Geographic Maps with the generous support of the Kingdom of Bahrain, can now be ordered from the World Heritage Centre website.

  • Workshop: Temporary Exhibitions and International Promotion | Greece

    In the context of its Executive Leadership Programme for Heritage Management, the Heritage Management Organization, Greece, has recently announced a two-day workshop entitled ‘Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from Your Collection and Promoting Them around the World‘. It will take place in Elefsina, Greece, on 13-14 April 2018.

  • Ancient Eurasian DNA sequencing is revealing links with modern humans

    Until recently, very little was known about the genetic relationship between modern humans of the Upper Paleolithic age (the period of time between 50,000 and 10,000 years ago, also called the Late Stone age) and today's populations. But with direct DNA sequencing, researchers are discovering unexpected genetic connections between individuals on opposing sides of Eurasia. These suggest a complex history that may represent early gene flow across Eurasia or an early population structure that eventually led to Europeans and Asians.

  • Redefining knowledge of elderly people throughout history

    An archaeologist from The Australian National University (ANU) is set to redefine what we know about elderly people in cultures throughout history, and dispel the myth that most people didn't live much past 40 prior to modern medicine.

  • Archaeology: Inequality has deep roots in Eurasia

    A study of 64 archaeological sites across four continents shows that the growth of agricultural and political systems provoked economic disparities, more so in Eurasia than in North America. See Letter p.619

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