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  • Câp nhật lúc: 6:59 AM GMT+7, Saturday, 10/14/2017

    First print of “Duong Kach menh” displayed in Hanoi

    More than 150 documents, artefacts and photos related to the first print of “Duong Kach menh”(Revolutionary path) are on display at an exhibition which opened in Hanoi on October 10th.

  • Int’l meet studies Lý Dynasty culture

    BẮC NINH — Various aspects of culture and art under the Lý Dynasty (1009-1225) and the importance of preserving its vestiges were discussed at two-day international conference last week.

  • Students develop guide app for museums

    Museum visitors can now use their smartphone to explore and understand artifacts with Friendly Guide, an application recently developed by a group of IT students, without the help of a museum guide.

  • Capital festival honours nation’s heroic king

    HA NOI — A celebration was held this morning on the occasion of the 228th anniversary of King Quang Trung’s decisive victory against Chinese-Quing dynasty’s force in Việt Nam in 18th century.

  • Private music museum: cultural preservation, tourist draw

    PHÚ THỌ — A musician in the northern province of Phú Thọ is running a permanent exhibition of his own music instruments collection at his home. His house has become a tourism destination for visitors to Thanh Thủy District.

  • Top 10 culture, sport and tourism events in 2016

    Hanoi (VNA) – The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on December 29 announced the top 10 culture, sports and tourism events in 2016, which were voted by 125 journalists representing media agencies across the country.

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