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    Author: A group of Vietnamese Antiquity Experts as Prof.Dr.Luu Tran Tieu, Dr. Pham Quoc Quan, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Chien... Size: 21 x 29 (cm). Page amount: 382 (pages). Language: Vietnamese - English. Publisher: Vietnam Ministry of Culture-Information - National Museum of Vietnamese History. Year of publication: 2003

  • Vietnam: A Natural History

    Author: Eleanor Jane Sterling, Martha Maud Hurley and Le Duc Minh. Size: 16 x 25 (cm). Page amount: 423 (pages). Language: English. Publisher: Yale University Press. Year of publication: 2006

  • A Passage to Asia

    Author: Jan Van Alphen and multiple authors; Published: BAi, Belgium; Description: 271p, 23cm x 32cm ; Year of publication: 2010

  • Bones for the New Zealand archaeologist

    Author: R.J. Scarlett; Published by order of the board R.S. Duff M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.N.Z., Director, Canterbury Museum, New Zealand; Size: 20 x 25.5 (cm); Quantity: 64 pages; Year: 1972.

  • Das Museum (The Museum)

    Author: The Westphalian Museum of Archaeology; Editor: Yasmine Freigang; Publisher: DruckVerlag Kettler, Bönen; Size: 21 x 21 (cm); Quantity: 89 pages; Year: 2004

  • Mekong: Spring of life

    Compilation: China Yunnan International Culture Exchange Center. Publisher: Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House. Size: 21 x 29 (cm). Quantity: 239 pages, Year: 2005

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