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From 21-24 December 2017, a delegation of Gwangju National Museum led by Mr. Song Yi-chung, Director visited and worked with the VNMH.

The Gwangju National Museum was established at Maegok-dong of Jeollanam-do on 6 December 1978. Potteries from Yuan and Song Dynasty excavated in Sinan Marine and the Goryeo Celadon potteries produced in Jeollado area have been on display at this museum. With these excellent and precious cultural assets and their exhibition, the Gwangju National Museum has received public recognition at home and abroad.

Desiring to build the Gwangju National Museum into a large museum specializing in ceramics, including South East Asian ceramics, the delegation of Gwangju National Museum visited and worked with the Department of Cultural Heritage–Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam and VNMH to establish a cooperative relationship in research, excavation and exhibition of ceramics in Vietnam.

On 22 December 2017, they held a meeting with the VNMH’s leaders and visited the museum.

Receiving and working on the side of VNMH was Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, Director with management and professional staff and, on the side of Gwangju National Museum, was Mr. Song Yi-chung, Director and some experts on ceramics.

Panorama of the meeting with the Gwangju National Museum

Mr Song Yi-chung, Director of the Gwangju National Museum, have desired to receive the support and cooperation of VNMH in the excavation and research of ceramics made in Vietnam. Thereby, they will continue to study origins, dates and techniques of Korean, Chinese and Japanese ceramics that are currently being stored and displayed at Gwangju National Museum. After the excavation and research, the both sides will organize an exhibition of artifacts excavated in Vietnam to introduce to the Korean public.

On behalf of the VNMH, Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong sincerely thanked Mr. Song Yi-chung and looked forward to expanding archaeological research and excavations with the Gwangju Museum as well as willing to co-organize the exhibition in Korea.

Dr Nguyen Van Cuong, the VNMH’s director presented souvenir to Mr Song Yi-chung, Director of the Gwangju National Museum

At the end of the meeting, the both sides agreed to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two museums soon.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the pottery storage and exhibition system of VNMH and conducted a survey of some ancient pottery production sites and Chu Dau Ceramic Joint Stock Company (Hai Duong).

Visiting the ceramic storage at the VNMH

Visiting the VNMH’s exhibits

Surveying the Thanh Khoi ceramic relic

Surveying the traditional ceramic kiln still used at Chu Dau Ceramic Joint Stock Company.

Visiting the factory where they decorate the pattern on Chu Dau potteries


                                                                                       News: Bích Huyền

                                                                                     Photos: Hưng Thắng


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