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On July 4, 2017, a seminar, Dong Nai- Oc Eo- Funan Culture, took place at the Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH) No. 1 Trang Tien, Hanoi, with the main content about the history and culture of South Vietnam before the 17th century. Lecturer of the seminar was Dr. Nguyen Thi Hau (Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam History Science Association). This was an on-the-spot training program with expert supports that have been regularly organized by the VNMH to supplement knowledge and improve the skills to professionalize VNMH’s guides.

Attending the seminar were VNMH’s managers, staff, and some guides from travel companies in Hanoi who have often guided their tours at the VNMH.

Staff taking part in the seminar

At the seminar Dr. Nguyen Thi Hau focused on introducing the contents related to Dong Nai- Oc Eo-Funan culture including:

- a general introduction of South Vietnam and the research issues:

- an overview of archeological sites and their distribution throughout Ho Chi Minh city, South East Vietnam, South West Vietnam;

- the ancient ecological environment of South Vietnam and the impact on the life of Dong Nai- Oc Eo’s residents;

- the formation, nature and collapse of the FunanKingdom: the way to form native Oc Eo nature.

- the resident forms of Dong Nai- Oc Eo’s residents (location, environment / landscape / terrains, housing architecture);

- the religion and beliefs of Oc Eo-Funan’s inhabitants: indigenous beliefs, cultural and religious acquisition (Buddhism, Hinduism);

- the role and status of Oc Eo Trade Port in history setting in the context of the Southeast Asia continent;

- the characteristics of Dong Nai-Oc Eo cultural relics and outside cultural influences.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Hau introducing generally the history-culture in South Vietnam 


In the discussion VNMH’s staff focused on discussing new issues and views on Dong Nai- Oc Eo culture. It should be proposed to redefine the date frame and position of OcEoTradePort in the history and nature of FunanKingdom...

Direct discussion at the VNMH’s exhibits

Especially, at the end of the seminar, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hau with the VNMH’s professional staff and tourist guides exchanged and discussed the Dong Nai culture’s objects and collections exhibited at the VNMH.

The seminar was an opportunity for VNMH’s staffs to exchange experiences, supplement knowledge, improve professional skills in researching and promoting the value of Dong Nai- Oc Eo culture in VNMH’s overall exhibits. 

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