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    Major exhibition system

    The National Museum of Vietnam History was established in 1958 on the foundation of the Louis Finot Museum of Oriental Arts that was built in 1926 under the French domination. After adjusting the exhibition content and form as a national museum, the National Museum of Vietnam History was inaugurated on 3 September 1958.

    During its construction and development, the Museum has soon become one of the country’s cultural and scientific centers, which keeps and preserves the nation’s valuable tangible cultural heritages as well as studies and spread historical science through numerous collections of precious and meaningful artifacts reflecting the long-standing culture and history of Vietnam’s national construction and protection.

    The Museum’s major exhibition system is now arranged chronologically from the primitive life in Vietnam to the August 1945 Revolution and the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. This historical process is displayed through more than 7,000 artifacts in a two-floor big building covering over 2,200 square meters, divided into four sections:

    Section 1: Vietnam in the prehistory

    Focusing on the formation and development of the primitive society in Vietnam during the Stone Age (30,000-40,000 years to 4,000-5,000 years ago).


    ection 2: The early national construction to the Tran Dynasty

    - Early national construction

    - Ten-century struggle against the Chinese domination

    - Ngo-Dinh-Anterior Le Dynasties

    - Ly Dynasty

    - Tran Dynasty


    ection 3: Vietnam from the Ho Dynasty to the August 1945 Revolution

    - Ho Dynasty

    - Early Le-Mac-Restored Le Dynasties

    - Tay Son Dynasty

    - Nguyen Dynasty

    - Anti-French movements and the August 1945 Revolution

    Section 4: Collection of the Champa stone sculptures


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