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Vietnam National Museum of History

Echo of Dong Son – Newly discovered objects
  • 02/04/2009 16:42

Echo of Dong Son – Newly discovered objects

The culture of Dong Son – Vietnam has been discovered by French archaeologists for the first time in 1924 on the Ma riverside, in the commune of Dong Son, huyen of Dong Son (now quarter of Ham Rong, Thanh Hoa city). This is also the place where was discovered for the first time the collection of vestiges of the age of metals in Vietnam and in South-East Asia. So far, the domain of distribution of this culture has been determined from the northern to the southern frontier of Deo Ngang (a mountain pass of Vietnam), province of Quang Binh, with a concentration in the valléys of three big rivers: the Red River, the river Ma and the river Ca.

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  • 30/08/2008 14:20

Some preliminary remarks on the results of the exploration and of the archaeological excavation of the site 114 Mai Hac De, district of Hai Ba Trung,

1 – Before permitting to enterprises to construct big monuments such as Vincom tower, the decision of letting the technical services to carry out the archaeological excavation of the n o 114 Mai Hac De, of the People’s

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