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Vietnam National Museum of History

  • 10/09/2018 23:49


The first call for proposals in 2017 drew a resounding response. Now the Prince Claus Fund, through its Cultural Emergency Response (CER) programme and the Whiting Foundation announce a second round of the Open Call for First Aid to Documentary Heritage under Threat. We invite proposals for projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean to safeguard documentary heritage that is acutely threatened by recent conflict or other disaster, whether natural or man-made

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Course on Impact Assessments for Heritage
  • 10/07/2018 00:00

Course on Impact Assessments for Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has observed that many activities such as tourism, infrastructure development, new buildings, urban renewal and changes to the land use being undertaken in and around World Heritage sites may have negative impacts on the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV).

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CollAsia - Conserving Photographic and Archival Collections
  • 13/06/2018 00:00

CollAsia - Conserving Photographic and Archival Collections

Photographic and Archival Collections cover historical, artistic and identity-building values transformation over time, recorded through a huge amount of documents. At the same time, they are very fragile, vulnerable to different hazards, and difficult to manage. In order to respond to the collection’s needs, the course programme addresses collections care practices and reviews living cultural practices with current conservation principles, assessing the benefits and the sustainability of local materials and techniques for conservation. It also stimulates professionals to develop and carry out applied research to solve specific conservation challenges in their institutions.

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DNA Reflects History of Migrations in Southeast Asia
  • 23/05/2018 14:51

DNA Reflects History of Migrations in Southeast Asia

DNA Reflects History of Migrations in Southeast Asia CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS—Science Newsreports that a new genetic study supports archaeological and linguistic evidence for at least three major waves of migration into Southeast Asia over a period of 50,000 years. A team of researchers led by Mark Lipson of Harvard Medical School analyzed DNA from 18 individuals whose remains were unearthed at five different archaeological sites in Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. The bones ranged from 4,100 to 1,700 years old.

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  • 13/06/2017 23:49


The ICOM annual meetings, held every year in Paris, are a major event for the international museum community.

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Japan’s oldest human skeleton found in Okinawan cave
  • 31/05/2017 19:30

Japan’s oldest human skeleton found in Okinawan cave

NAHA, OKINAWA PREF. – A human skeleton thought to be the oldest in Japan has been found in a collapsed cave in Okinawa, a local museum said Friday, adding that it appears to be around 27,000 years old.

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  • 28/05/2017 21:38

Scientists find 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains in the Balkans

The common lineage of great apes and humans split several hundred thousand years earlier than hitherto assumed, according to an international research team headed by Professor Madelaine Böhme from the Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen and Professor Nikolai Spassov from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The researchers investigated two fossils of Graecopithecus freybergi with state-of-the-art methods and came to the conclusion that they belong to pre-humans. Their findings, published today in two papers in the journal PLOS ONE, further indicate that the split of the human lineage occurred in the Eastern Mediterranean and not - as customarily assumed - in Africa.

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  • 24/03/2017 00:38

Launch of International Museum Day 2017

IMD 2017: Museums as tools for creating peaceful communities

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  • 21/03/2017 01:16

Met Museum chief quits amid expansion

NEW YORK — The head of the Metropolitan Museum of Art resigned Tuesday as the New York institution struggles to tame a budget deficit despite pulling in record crowds.

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  • 10/10/2016 20:03

Vietnamese archaeological treasures displayed in Germany

Berlin (VNA) – The exhibition “Treasures of Vietnamese Archaeology” is running at the LWL-Museum of Archaeology in Herne city, Germany’s Nordrhein-Westfalen state, attracting some 700 visitors on its opening day.

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