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Vietnam National Museum of History

Communal house linked to the village origin

  • 21/03/2017 01:20
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(VOVworld) – A Vietnamese village’s communal house is of symbolical significance and filled with historical stories illustrating villagers’ aspirations through carving features.

National Museum of Finland Repatriates Some Mesa Verde Items

  • 16/10/2019 12:09
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HELSINKI, FINLAND—National Parks Traveler reports that the National Museum of Finland will hand over the remains of 20 individuals and 28 artifacts removed from what is now Mesa Verde National Park in the late nineteenth century to representatives of the 26 federally recognized Native American tribes traditionally associated with the park.

10 famous architectures of Saigon

10 famous architectures of Saigon

  • 07/07/2016 01:27
  • 1195

VietNamNet Bridge – The Reunification Palace, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica and the Nha Rong Wharf are renowned for both their unique architecture and historic significance. Below are the most famous architectures in the city.

Anniversary of Bac Son revolt (September 27th 1940 – September 27th2012)

Anniversary of Bac Son revolt (September 27th 1940 – September 27th2012)

  • 26/05/2018 05:51
  • 923

72 years ago, in September, 1940, the Communist Party in Bac Son District launched a revolt to gain authority from the French, attack the French stations and armed units and establish the Vietnamese armed force while the French government collapsed after the Japanese invasion in Indochina.

Nguyen Trai - a national hero, world cultural celebrity (1380 - 1442)

Nguyen Trai - a national hero, world cultural celebrity (1380 - 1442)

  • 12/12/2017 00:00
  • 811

Nguyễn Trãi, also known under his style name Ức Trai (1380–1442) was from Chi Ngại village, Phượng Sơn district, Lạng Giang (now Chí Linh, Hải Dương Province). His father was Nguyễn Ứng Long (Nguyễn Phi Khanh), a Confucian scholar and mother Trần Thị Thái, daughter of high ranking mandarin Trần Nguyên Đán of Tran dynasty.

The vitality of Dong Son

The vitality of Dong Son

  • 21/02/2019 15:50
  • 681

In the proto-historical time, on today S-shaped land of Vietnam, there were three brilliant archaeological cultures: Dong Son, Sa Huynh, Oc Eo. They were three cultural transmitting centers in Southeast Asia and beyond. Among these centers, in my point of view, Dong Son culture is more pervasive both in space and time. In terms of space, there have been many monographs mentioning the effects of Dong Son culture on contemporary cultures. In terms of time, however, there is almost no research that explains the nature of the preservation of Dong Son elements in the national cultural flow. In this article, I am going to show the effects of Dong Son art in the post-Dong Son periods in Vietnam. At the same time, I also analyze the geo-political and geo-cultural context that made Dong Son a long-lasting vitality in the Vietnamese cultural tradition.

National Maritime Museum of Denmark

National Maritime Museum of Denmark

  • 29/03/2018 00:00
  • 841

Denmark is known as the leading marine nation in the world. Inaugurated on 5 October 2013, the National Maritime Museum of Denmark, with its unique "underground" architecture, has become an important part of the national museum system. It organizes outdoor activities, exhibitions, events and becomes a cultural center not only of Helsingor but also of Denmark.


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No. 1, Trang Tien
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